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This deck was produced in a very limited run and is sure to become a rare collector deck.

2,240.00 грн.

The incredibly popular Diavoli range of playing cards reaches new heights of jaw dropping design with the Bicycle Gargoyle Deck. Inspired by the ruins of gothic churches and cathedrals.

The Bicycle Gargoyles deck features a completely different finished called "magic Finish" that is new to USPCC. Deck designed by Lance T. Miller and produced by Diavoli Productions.

Poker Size. Very Limited Edition.

1,680.00 грн.

Bicycle Red Star Playing cards feature a Red Starburst design on the card backs. The decks have standard Bicycle faces.

700.00 грн.

The Bicycle Tattoo Deck represents a totally new look for a Bicycle Deck. Incorporating beautiful tattoo styled imagery and 6 colour print. A brand new, eye catching back design, new Ace Of Spades, Jokers, tuck case and bonus gaff cards. All cards feature a black background with the suits all being different colours: Clubs - Blue, Diamonds - Green, Spades - Pink & Hearts - Yellow.

Limited Edition.

1,680.00 грн.

Another great design from Stephen Rooks. The Templar Knights deck features custom jokers, ace of spades, card fronts and backs. This is a totally custom deck, save the images on the court cards. The pip outline was an exact choice against the black background of the card faces. Two gaff cards are also included with the deck.

1,400.00 грн.

Black Warrior Deck, Bicycle Playing Cards. The black warrior decks is a 100% custom deck designed by Eric Duan and Honey Zhang. Deck features a "one way" back design and has different colors on the corners for "fanning" The deck comes with two jokers and a "double backer". The deck is factory new and cellophane wrapped.

1,260.00 грн.

Designed by Noah Wippie, USA. - Bicycle quality cards, printed by the USPCC - finishing with the famous "air-cushioned finish" - Custom designed Ace of Spades and faces - Custom designed Jokers and 2 x gaff cards - Two color deck design - black and white - Sealed and cello wrapped - Poker Size - Limited edition - Only 2500 decks printed.

1,120.00 грн.

Rosefinch Deck, Bicycle Playing Cards. The Rosefinch deck was designed by "Eric Duan" and "Honey Zhang"  The deck is completely "custom" box, back design and faces.

1,260.00 грн.

1 Faith Decks, Bicycle Playing Cards. The faith deck is a completely custom deck the box, back design and face cards. The cards have a "white border" 2 custom jokers and 2 blank face gaff cards.

840.00 грн.

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