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Four coins magically penetrate through this brass coin box. Try out all your favorite coin box routines with this box- they should work! This is a precision machined, high-quality 24 Karat gold-plated brass ring box with beautiful diamond tool etchings on the side. A work of art for performing magic!

560.00 грн.
A box for changing a playing card, business card, paper slips, envelopes, or currency notes etc. This model resembles an antique inlaid wooden box, made in exotic hard wood, and apparently designed just to hold your "precious deck of cards" complete in its original case. It is a prop that will get immediate attention, yet seems like no more than an antique inlaid box. Collector quality prop.
980.00 грн.
This bi-fold trick holder takes the old cheap vinyl trick holders up 20 notches. A new version with two added exterior pockets to hold two more packet tricks, or business cards, etc. Carry your favorite packet tricks in style. Sized for poker size cards. The leather is like beautiful; you will not want to put these down. JOL is embossed in the leather, so you know you are buying the Rolls Royce of leather goods.
840.00 грн.

The magician shows a coin and a box Okito. Put And the coin inside the box and the lid. He waves the box to try that the coin is there, he places on the back of his hand, which supports a few centimeters over the table. He gives a flick on the box, the coin crosses the box and falls down on the table. The box is opened and is empty.

924.00 грн.

PennyTube - Machined Brass Pocket Trick New, direct from the manufacturer, brass PennyTube. This is a clever variation on the standard coin tube. The basic effect is you separate the two halves of the tube and place a quarter in the center, then reassemble the tube. The quarter now blocks the center of the tube, so nothing can pass through the tube. You drop four pennies into the tube to show that they cannot pass through the center. Repeat and say the magic word and one coin passes through the tube! This is repeated with all four coins. With the PennyTube, you can not only make one coin pass through the tube, you can also make TWO coins pass through! This novel adaptation, increases the routine possibilities, and creates a climax that eludes other coin tube tricks. Includes instructions. Limited quantity.

2,576.00 грн.
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Half Dollar Size
Show 4 coins in your hand; give the coins to be checked. Put the coins inside the box, take the box and let fall the coins in your left hand, close your hand and magically one coin come back to the box. Repeat the movement with the rest of the coins, and one by one, the coins go back to the box.

1,008.00 грн.

Make coins vanish or penetrate through a brass box. Examinable.

2,100.00 грн.

Buddha Shimmed Lid The design of the Buddha Coin Boxes are not just for looks! The curved sides, as well as other design features, make a number of the standard Okito box moves a breeze. The routines possible with the coin box are endless, as the many books and dvds on the subject will attest. Here is one basic effect: The coins are placed into the box and the box is placed on the back of your hand. Tap the box and the coins penetrate through the box and hand. The box is opened and shown to be empty. The Buddha Box Shimmed Lid is a brass lid that fits on all the other boxes and looks like all the other lids. It can be examined. It is shimmed so it can pick up and retain a magnetic half dollar or similar size coin. Secretly getting 'one ahead' is what it's all about! This listing is for a lid that fits Half Dollar-size coin boxes only.

1,050.00 грн.
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Stainless Steel Buddha Coin Box Set (4 boxes & lid) This listing is for the New, Limited Edition Stainless Steel set of Chazpro's Buddha Coin Boxes. The Buddha Coin Box line is used by some of the top professional magicians around. Besides an attractive design, the 'belly' sides facilitate many Okito Box moves. This set is designed for U.S. Half Dollars, old English Pennies and similar size coins. This set offers: 1 - Magnetic Okito box -Use ordinary coins for a standard Okito, steel core coins for a magnetic box. 1 - Boston Box - Show the box full of coins, even AFTER you've stolen the coins away. 1 - Slot Box - which holds back one coin when the other coins are dropped out. 1 - Sucker Box - Use this special box for a surprise finish - Coin won't even fit into the box 1 - Lid that fits all four of the above boxes. These four boxes offer the most popular versions of Okito's Coin Box. Also included are instructions for each box, but you will also find many additional routines in a wide assortment of books and DVDs. Each box comes in its own cloth bag.

5,600.00 грн.
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The Magnetic Okito Box allows you to perform an amazing array of effects not possible with other boxes when used with a steel core coin (half dollar size, not included).

2,100.00 грн.

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